SGA Vision 2025: School-Wide Vigilance, Reach, and Support.

The Student Government Association is a diverse and fundamental organization on campus that focuses on you, the student. Everything the SGA does aims to fulfill its mission of improving student life on campus. Through a variety of smaller organizations, dedicated personnel, and strong leadership, the Student Government Association is proud to have been supporting the interests of Embry-Riddle students since 1960.


Because Embry-Riddle is a unique university, its’ SGA is equally as unique. To make the biggest impact on campus, the SGA is composed of smaller organizations that have specific goals and actions of meet the needs of students. The branches of the SGA ensure that students have the representation, protection, and voice that they deserve as students of the university. The divisions of the SGA provide students with campus news and entertainment with the help of four volunteer organizations.

While the SGA holds high standards and expectations for its members, the Student Government Association is always thrilled to welcome new members into its organization. The rewards of being an SGA representative are limitless and many of its members have become successful and influential leaders on campus. Members have the opportunity to gain leadership experience while making a difference for their peers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to network, gain insight into student politics, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.


The Branches are the heart of the SGA. Think of the Branches as the legislative body of the Student Government Association. They take care of any academic, student life, and political issues regarding student life on campus. To best support this mission, each Branch has a specific role and purpose to ensure that students have the voice, freedoms, and campus they deserve.

  • The Executive Branch is responsible for overseeing all of the operations of the SGA and enforcing its mission to improve student life on campus.

  • The Student Senate carries out projects on campus and relays student concerns to university officials through the appropriate channels.

  • The Student Treasury assists campus organizations in their semesterly funding and manages all financial aspects of the SGA.

  • The Student Court advocates for and protects students’ rights while also assisting students with their parking citations.


The Divisions of the SGA are organizations that provide services which impact the Embry-Riddle community. Through organizing unique and exciting events on campus to providing you with industry news and the latest music, the Divisions work hard to make sure you are happy! Because of their functions, they are an integral part of the SGA’s mission to improving student life on campus. Most importantly, the Divisions are comprised of students just like you who volunteer their time and skills!

The Avion Newspaper is the news division of the SGA. They cover and report on all the happenings on campus and in the aerospace industry on a weekly basis.

The Emergency Response Team is the SGA’s newest division. ERT has been providing life-saving emergency care to the Embry-Riddle community since 2006.

Touch-N-Go Productions is the programing division of the SGA. They work to thrill students with activities like concerts, outdoor movies, and comedy shows.

The WIKD 102.5 is the music division of the SGA. They are Daytona Beach’s only free-format radio station and members have the opportunity to become on-air DJs!