Executive Board


The Executive Board is the upper leadership of the Student Government Association. Composed of each Branch and Division head and chaired by the SGA President, the Executive Board (or Exec Board for short) is the brains of the Student Government Association.

Convening weekly, the Exec Board reviews special requests presented to the SGA, makes decisions on large expenditures, works on special projects both within the SGA and between the SGA and other campus departments and organizations, and directs the actions of the SGA as a whole. The Exec board is assisted in its endeavors by four appointed positions which assist in the smooth flow of Exec Board operations as well as facilitating communication between the SGA and the student body.

Lastly, the Exec Board is advised by three university staff members whose purpose is to ensure effective operation of the board with University officials and resources.

Organization Documents

Division and Branch Heads

Chris Wikoff
Chris WikoffSGA President
VacancySGA Vice President
Audrey Hallam
Audrey HallamSGA Treasurer
Rajan Khanna
Rajan KhannaAvion Editor-in-Chief
Kieran King
Kieran KingEmergency Response Team Chief
Gregory Besser
Gregory BesserStudent Court Chief Justice
Brendan Rohan
Brendan RohanTouch-N-Go Chairperson
Thomas Beaudoin
Thomas BeaudoinWIKD 102.5 General Manager

Operational Staff

Charlie Brock
Charlie BrockSGA Chief of Staff
Mikaela Frias
Mikaela FriasSGA Director of Community Relations
Symantha Berry
Symantha BerrySGA Director of Marketing & Communications
Angus Leung
Angus LeungSGA Director of Student Services
Billy Nguyen
Billy NguyenSGA Webmaster


Jessica MurphySGA Advisor
Ronnie MackThe Avion Newspaper Advisor
Kristen RobillardTNG Advisor
Negar AfsharWIKD Advisor
Jennifer ThomasSGA & SESU Office Manager