Student Senate

The Student Senate is the legislative body that represents each college, graduate students, international students, veteran students and residence life. The Student Senate is chaired by the Vice President.

Their purpose is to listen to student concerns and suggestions and create projects to enhance student life. The senators also meet with different department heads around campus in order to voice student concerns and needs. The Student Senate is separated into committees that focus on specific projects.


Liaison positions exist within the Student Senate to help link elected representatives to Embry-Riddle’s staff and faculty. If you have a particular question or concern from the perspective of a student that you would like to communicate to administration or a specific department, reach out to the respective liaison who will work on your behalf


Committees are the drivers for our productivity. Each committee has a purpose and a specified area of campus life that it focuses on. Committees are comprised of senators but they are open to the student body. For more information on a committee, contact the committee chairperson or the Vice President.

Campus Safety
Career Services
Diversity & Inclusion
Fitness Center
First-Year Initiative
Flight Line
Food Services
Information Technology
Student Employment
Student Wellness
Suggestion Box
Veteran Services

The Academic Committee is responsible for assisting the University’s students in their academic pursuits while working to innovate and develop new solutions to aid students in their learning endeavors. They are a group of students that meet to come up with novel ways to help other students succeed academically.

The Constitution Committee is the legal body of the Student Government Association. Their primary service is to review and edit the official documents of the University and the SGA. The group also offers its service to other campus organizations that need help writing or editing their official documents. Common documents include Constitutions and Bylaws. The Constitution Committee also creates proposals and resolutions for each of the Student Representative Board’s committees to help guide the University.

The Marketing Committee was created to enhance the visibility of the Student Senate and encourage students to participate in SGA meetings and events. Since its establishment, new goals have arisen for the marketing committee like improving school spirit, student involvement, and the transparency of the SGA.

The Progress Committee is a forward thinking group of students who are credited for the most visible changes on the ERAU campus. Progress is responsible for projects such as installing new ATMs in both the Student Center and the Student Village, supplying the campus with pay phones, installing a paper shredder in the mailroom, and addressing student’s need for a quiet place to study by increasing library hours. Much of the campus dining improvements can be credited to the continued work of Progress. The goal of the Progress Committee is to make life more comfortable for ERAU’s students by providing them with various small improvements that make a huge difference.

The Spirit Committee is responsible for coming up with new ways to engage the Student Body’s school spirit. This can include creating new traditions as well as participating in athletic events and supporting the sports teams on campus.

Student Senators

Miles Moyer

Ryan Groel

Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Restrepo

Connor Smith

Craig Osborne

Kamri Roan

Jose Moreno

Amanda Jacob

Bethany Thompson

Dianna Sears

Sonjia Blake

Dinushika Pinto

Kurt Bertram