Student Government Elections

Meet The Candidates

Every April, the Student Government Association hosts a week-long, open election where students can vote for the next set of SGA officials who will represent them for the next academic year. Students can vote online. Keep in mind that students can only vote once. Below are the names of individuals currently running for various positions in the SGA.

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  • Voting ballots can only be submitted once.
  • Students can only vote for representatives for the college they are enrolled in
    (i.e. Aerospace Engineering students can only vote for COE Senators).
  • The number of senators per college is determined by each college’s voter turnout (minimum of 1 senator and a maximum of 3 senators).

Executive Tickets

  • Robert Consolo, Jennifer Perskin, Autumn Warner

  • Jim Myers, Cassandra Harrison, Skylar Mossop

  • Scott Oakley, Ukeyvia Beckwith, Larry Christian

  • Rebecca Mu, Changhyeok (Sam) Lee, Harley Valdez

  • Malik Moville, Merafelina Chotoo, Natalie Hahn

Student Senate Candidates

  • Carlos Cabrera
  • Miles Moyer
  • Ryan Groel
  • Ismuel Velez Perez
  • Diushika Pinto
  • Carlos Alvarez
  • Johan Restrepo
  • Connor Smith
  • Craig Osborne
  • Jose Mareno
  • Kamri Roan
  • Frederick Kennedy
  • Benjamin Adams
  • David Krupiak
  • Jake Homer
  • Bethany Thompson
  • Danielle Gabel
  • Amanda Jacob
  • Salim Roig
  • Jana Alaslani
  • Diana Sears
  • Sonjia Blake
  • Kurt Bertram

Student Treasury Candidates

  • John Rachek

  • Deynne Charles

  • Shaddi Abdala

  • Carmen Boteza

  • Brandon Farish

  • Sean Petersen

  • Kaleb Lay-Estwick