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Every April, the Student Government Association hosts a week-long, open election where students can vote for the next set of SGA officials who will represent them for the next academic year. Students can vote online on Connections or can vote in person on the first floor of the Student Union. Keep in mind that students can only vote once. Below are the names of individuals currently running for various positions in the SGA.

Please don’t vote for someone because they are your friend. Vote for someone because you believe in them and their ability to represent you and your fellow peers. Read their biographies. Get to know the candidates. Be informed. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

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  • Elections are start at 8 a.m. EST on Monday, April 1st and end at 5 p.m. EST on Friday, April 5th.
  • Voting ballots can only be submitted once
  • Students can only vote for representatives for the college they are enrolled in
    (i.e. Aerospace Engineering students can only vote for COE Representatives)
  • The number of representatives per college is determined by each college’s voter turnout
    (Minimum of 1 representative and a maximum of 3 representatives)

Executive Ticket Candidates

The Executive Ticket comprises of the Student Government Association President, Vice President, and Treasurer. These three individuals will represent the SGA as a whole, as well as uphold its values and ethics.

Katherine JonesSGA President Candidate

Katherine Jones is from Friendswood, Texas and is majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Astronautics and a minor in Business Administration. As a student, she holds many leadership positions and on campus jobs.

She is currently Vice President of Tri Sigma, a Resident Advisor in O’Connor Hall, a writing tutor in the Academic Advancement Center, and is the Housing Representative for the Student Representative Board.

Her passion is sparking change for the students and wants to actively be a resource for all students on campus, along with being a voice for their needs.

Madison PatrickSGA Vice President Candidate

Madison Patrick is from Daytona Beach, Florida and majoring in Aviation Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. She is one of the College of Business Representatives for SGA and serves on the Marketing Committee. She is also part of the Orientation Team and Tri Sigma Sorority.

While not at school, she works part time at Publix. She enjoys being on the Student Representative Board because she likes serving in organizations that are bigger than herself and has a commitment to making change.

She wants to be Vice President so she can expand student services and further the transparency of the SGA.

Angus LeungSGA Treasurer Candiate

Angus Leung was born in Kowloon City, Hong Kong but grew up in Ashburn, Virginia. He is currently enrolled in a dual degree program pursuing a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and a B.S. in Aviation Maintenance Science with a minor in Business Administration.

He is currently an official of the SGA as the Chairperson for Touch-N-Go Productions. He also is a member of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, and a student assistant of the SGA. Previously, Angus served as the Budget Manager and the Security Coordinator for Touch-N-Go Productions and has also interned at Textron Aviation and also SpaceX. He hopes to bring the skills he learned to the SGA Treasurer position.

He hopes to provide a more transparent process for budget packets as well as find ways for the SGA to provide a better college experience for students. He also hopes to voice the concerns of branches and divisions within the SGA in regard to the budget guidelines and bylaws and to focus more on utilizing the student finance board liaisons as the primary contact for all student organizations.

Scott OakleySGA President Candidate

Scott Oakley is the president on this ticket. A Global Conflict Studies major with a 3.5+ GPA, Oakley was recruited to Embry-Riddle to be a member of our basketball team. As a native of the area, and with parents who both have close ties to ERAU, Oakley now wishes to serve our student body and uphold the outstanding reputation of our university in the best way he knows how; by running to become the first ever student-athlete president.

Oakley has spent his time so far at ERAU heavily involved in all facets of our student body, from membership within multiple clubs and SGA branches, to showing support for all of our athletics, to engaging directly with the community as the basketball team’s chief community service organizer. Oakley’s qualifications for operating within a political environment should be noted as well, since last summer he worked in the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C.

Having been selected for a highly competitive internship program with none other than Congressman Ron DeSantis, who was recently elected governor of the great state of Florida, Oakley even has a personal letter signed by Governor DeSantis himself, expressing his support for Oakley and his future political career. It is with this unique political knowledge, a personal connection to the governor of Florida himself, and a message to unify all sections of the ERAU student body in a way that’s never been done before that Oakley hopes to set himself apart and bring in a new dawn for ERAU.

Chris WikoffSGA Vice President Candidate

Chris Wikoff is the vice president on this ticket, and a highly qualified one at that. A proven leader already, Wikoff is the president of Pi Kappa Alpha here at ERAU, and studying to become a pilot. Additionally, he serves as a representative for the COA on the Student Representatives Board, and has been heavily involved within the SRB over the past year, thus making him an incredibly logical choice to become the next vice president, since the primary obligation of the position is to oversee the SRB.

As a prominent figure with many connections within Greek life and ROTC, students of those groups looking for an SGA to represent them fully should look no further than Chris Wikoff.

Audrey HallamSGA Treasurer Candidate

Audrey Hallam is the treasurer on this ticket, and also just so happens to be the most qualified in the race for the position. A member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Hallam is studying to become a pilot as well. Her qualifications however come from the fact that she served as treasurer for Project: Haiti as well as Women in Aviation, and currently serves as a member of the Student Finance Board.

Similarly to Wikoff, Hallam is an incredibly logical choice to be our next treasurer, since it is the primary obligation of the treasurer to oversee the SFB. As someone with incredible attention to detail and experience in all levels of money management within ERAU, anyone who is looking to elect the most experienced and qualified treasurer should unequivocally support Audrey Hallam.

Student Finance Board Candidates

Student Finance Board members work with the treasurer to manage and allocate the finances of the SGA. Student Finance Board members also act as liaisons to various registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus. This relationship is meant to help RSOs effectively manage their finances and financial relationship with the SGA.

Chenge Liu
Chenge LiuStudent Finance Board Representative Candidate

My name is Chenge Liu, and I am running for Students Finance Board. I am studying in Mechanical Engineering with Applied Mathematics and Business Administration minors. I am currently on the Student Finance Board and I would love to be re-elected again to continue helping student organizations.

I am on the campus event committee for Society of Woman Engineers. And I am also a part of Theta Phi Alpha, Pi Tau Sigma, and Omicron Delta Kappa. My goal is to help student organizations to allocate money and get funding from SGA to help them achieve the organizational goals.

I want to help communicate between SGA and the student organizations, which will help organizations to have more events and to help them grow as an organization.

Deyanne 'Dee' Charles
Deyanne 'Dee' CharlesStudent Finance Board Representative Candidate

Deyanne “Dee” Charles is a student from New York City majoring in Aerospace Engineering concentrating in Aeronautics with a minor in Applied Mathematics.

She is currently a Resident Advisor on campus and has recently joined the Orientation Team. She is a collegiate member of the National Society of Black Engineers.

She has a passion for being the voice of organizations who feel overlooked.

If Deyanne was to become a member of Student Finance Board, she would aim to facilitate outreach to smaller organizations on campus who contribute to the ERAU family by advocating for their funding.

Kenneth Sampson
Kenneth SampsonStudent Finance Board Representative Candidate

My name is Kenneth Sampson, I am a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics Track). I am from Nigeria and was previously President of the African Students Association at Embry Riddle. Having this position as president of an RSO on campus taught me the skills of delegating tasks, budgeting and conflict resolution.

Currently, I am a Propulsion Engineering Co-Op at Delta Air Lines and the Communications Chair of the Co-Op Committee at Delta TechOps. This opportunity has enabled me work in a diverse environment and gain skills relevant to my career especially when communicating ideas or relaying plans. I am running to be a member of the financial board of the SGA. This is because I am interested in learning how an organization the size of Embry Riddle is run behind the scenes and my leadership experience from my on-campus involvement has exposed me to the roles that the finance board plays for SGA.

My goal is to get students more involved in the SGA as well as understand better how the finance section of the SGA works. I also aim to ensure that there is clarity in way the finances are distributed to the different organizations as well in the record keeping. On the other hand, I enjoy playing and watching soccer, Kerbal Space Program and interacting with decimals. They always have a point!

Aahil Velani
Aahil VelaniStudent Finance Board Representative Candidate

Hey, Riddle! I am Aahil from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. If you’re wondering why I look Indian, it’s because my parents are from Mumbai, India. I am currently a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Aeronautics. For the last year and half, I have been observing how the Student Government and other organizations around campus work and what goes into keeping up the great systems we have in place for our students.

I believe that now is the time for me to step up and bring in to play my diverse background and leadership skills. Throughout my life, I have been exposed to the rich culture, history, and traditions of the East African region, along with the fact that I lived in a household that, at its core, was based on Indian traditions and values.

Prior to starting my college career, I had the opportunity to visit over 17 different countries around the world. I believe that my background is what makes me different and a valuable asset for the SGA. An important role of the Student Finance Board is impartial service to all organizations on campus, which can be done even better when one has the ability to think and reflect upon ideas from different perspectives.

My main objective is to support the organizations to better meet their goals, all while maintaining the board’s budget. Happier organizations mean happier students and ultimately a better campus environment. Lastly, having been the president of a community service group for two years, the secretary general of a Model United Nations program, and a student representative on my school’s Board of Directors, I know I have what it takes to understand organizational needs. Thus, I am here to serve to the best of my ability.

Kaitlin Dobesh
Kaitlin DobeshStudent Finance Board Representative Candidate

My name is Kaitlin Dobesh and I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am currently a junior studying homeland security with minors in terrorism studies and finance. Currently I am a Student Representative for the SGA.

Having that position has allowed me to learn a lot about the operation of the Student Government. Last year I served as the treasure for Alpha Xi Delta, so I understand what clubs go through when they are trying to get money from the SGA. I want to help clubs get more funding by being an available resource and assisting clubs throughout the allocation process.

I work at the front desk in the Student Government office, so I will be present in the office and available to help anytime that I am working. I hope you will consider voting for me to be on the Student Finance Board, and I look forward to helping the student body.

Cassandra Harrison
Cassandra HarrisonStudent Finance Board Representative Candidate

My name is Cassandra Harrison, and I am currently a junior in Engineering Physics.

As a member of several SGA funded organizations, I understand the impact SGA funding has on campus life and would like to ensure that the money is used to enrich all students’ campus experiences.

If I were elected to serve on the SRB board, I would do my best to ensure that each organization received the funding they needed to perform to the best of their abilities.

Samantha Villagran
Samantha VillagranStudent Finance Board Representative Candidate

My name is Samantha Villagran and I am currently a student representative for the College of Engineering.

If I were to be elected to be a member of the student finance board, it will be my goal to assume the responsibility of making sure every student body organization receives the monetary needs they deserve to achieve their academic goals.

My sole purpose will be to be at service to the students and adequately place the resources needed by every organization first and make the students of Embry Riddle the priority of this campus. For the 2018-2019 academic year I have been a student representative for the Student Government Association and I have been able to learn what it is the students need the most; money.

I am capable and willing to make sure every student organization that needs money to reach their potential, will be met with equal and fair standing. There are many resources available for the students to be successful and the finance board is another strong resource we all need, which is why I would like to be elected to become a member of the finance board.

Student Representative Board Candidates

Student Representative Board members work closely with the SGA Vice President to address the needs and concerns of the student body. Additionally, Student representatives are the voice of their respective colleges and advocate on behalf of those enrolled in the college.