Want to Join Our Team?

The Student Government Association is a large machine with a lot of smaller, moving parts. From branches, divisions, committees, and liaisons, the SGA relies on all of these organizations to help promote its mission of supporting the student body on campus. With all of these components, joining the SGA can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, joining the SGA is a very straightforward process! Students have a wide variety of options when it comes to getting involved, each with varying levels of commitment and participation. Whether you want to hold an elected position, be a member of the marketing committee, or be one of our awesome student assistants, there’s something for everyone!


Through Elections:

Every spring, the Student Government Association holds open elections for branch positions. These positions include college representatives, finance board representatives, and the executive board. Applications for these positions open up a month after the spring semester starts, so check the Student Government Association Office to find out if the applications have been put out. This is the most common form of entry into the SGA.

As an elected member of the Student Government Association, you have the opportunity to represent the student body under official SGA capacity. All elected members of the Student Government Association are expected to uphold all regulations and expectations set forth by the SGA and meet the requirements to hold the position.

For divisions elections, general members of The Emergency Response Team, Touch-N-Go Productions and The WIKD 102.5 have the opportunity to run for executive board member positions in their respective organizations. Executive members of these organizations are also members of the Student Government Association. The Avion Newspaper has a difference process of selecting the executive board outlined below.


Not all positions of the SGA are open to the general public through elections. Some positions are through appointment only. These positions include the Student Court Chief Justice (appointed by the SGA President), all members of the Student Court (appointed by the Chief Justice), and The Avion Newspaper’s executive board (appointed by the Editor-in-Chief).

The best way to get noticed and appointed on the Student Court is to take part in Student Government Association functions and events. Learn about the SGA and how the organization functions with all of its many components. Additionally, show interest in the Student Court and learn what the Chief and Associate justices do on a daily basis.

While membership within The Avion Newspaper is voluntary, those who show strong dedication, leadership, and passion towards the organization often find their way onto the executive board. For more information or to join, stop by their office.

Through Vacancies:

Occasionally, an elected or appointed SGA representative will have to vacate their position due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., internships, coops, personal reasons, etc.). This leaves a vacant position on the respective division or branch executive board, which commonly needs filling until the end of the academic term. In the event that a vacancy occurs, applications for the vacant position will be distributed in the Student Government Association office. Additionally, vacancies will be posted online.

Applicants for these vacancies are expected to meet the requirements set forth by the SGA and respective division. Additionally, filling a vacant position is not permanent and does not guarantee placement on the SGA during the next election and appointment cycle.


Some positions in the Student Government Association are open through general applications.  If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, please contact us or check for listings on Eagle Hire. As positions become available, they will be displayed online for students to apply to. Additionally, stop by the SGA office and check for applications.

The following positions are application based: SGA Student Assistant, SGA Webmaster, Touch-N-Go Sound Technician, the WIKD 102.5 Operations Board Member, Chief of Staff, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Director of Community Relations.

STEP Program:

If you’re a freshman or first-year transfer to Embry-Riddle, SGA’s Transitional Experience Program (or STEP, as we call it) may be your place! As a member of STEP, you will immediately become involved with SGA events and learn about how the SGA operates in a more intimate basis.

As a member of STEP, you’ll get first hand exposure to what we do here on campus the Student Government Association. While STEP members do not represent the Student Government Association under any official capacity, there are many opportunities for STEP members to grow within the SGA.

With the leadership experience and knowledge they’ve gained, many members of STEP easily transition into a SGA representative position by their second year.

Member At Large:

If you’re still not sure about becoming a full-blown SGA representative or if things don’t work out in the general election, we would still love to have you on our team!

Becoming an SGA Member at Large gives you the same abilities as an SGA representative, at the caveat of the title, but without the responsibilities. Drop by the SGA Office and talk to a Student Assistant about signing up as a Member at Large.